This week we stumbled across this Vintage Autograph Book which dates back to 1918. Listed on online shop Etsy the Autograph Book was given to Maisie V B Hughes from Ballymena. Here is some more information:

This is a vintage Irish autograph book….It was owned by Maisie V B Hughes from Ballymena, Ireland….Written on inside cover is also Xmas 1918….It has a red leather cover with gold edged paper inside…..There are poems, drawings and autographs on all the pages…There are about 30 pages inside….The cover has several dents in it and there is a break in the binding inside but it doesn’t seem to effect the pages as they are all intact….It’s a very interesting little album….There are several drawings and one watercolour inside…..The album measures apx 5″ x 3 1/2″….

The vintage Autograph Book is available from a seller called victoriasponge in New Hampshire, USA for approximatley £50 (not including postage and packaging). Click here to view all the details.

We think that this is a real blast from the past and would love to know how it ended up in America. If anyone has any connection to this Vintage Album or the author Maisie V B Hughes then be sure to take a look.