Tomorrow night Zombies will be visiting Waterstones Ballymena. Well not quite, but the brilliant Uproar Comics team who wrote the popular Zombies Hi comic book will be there to turn you into a Zombie.


Start your half term with a spooky zombie caricature and take a look at their other comic book series including “Leap” and “Conundrum”. Their first series “Zombies Hi” has been a best seller and is sure to satisfy any comic book fan with their local fix.

An unknown virus swept the globe changing mankind into hordes of the Undead and tumbling all of civilisation. In the post apocalyptic City of Derry, what remains of its’ population has huddled behind its’ historic city walls praying for survival from the beasts that claw at their gates. Their Walls held off a siege before, but can they do it again??

No-one knows exactly what caused humanity to change, but they know there is no going back. They must fight to take back their town.
Every country has it’s troubles, and N.Ireland is no exception. Old grudges die hard, and some see disaster or even apocalypse as…opportunity!

Click here to visit the Uproar Comics website to find out more and visit Waterstones in Ballymena this Friday night to get involved.