Our Ballymena Today Team provide another great article to help you know what to wear for every eventuality. Take it away Elizabeth. . . . .

Men – you can tune off now. I have a feeling that this blog won’t apply to you because “I don’t know what to wear!” I know for a fact that I have said this phrase many of times in my life; and now that it is no longer ‘shorts and sandal’ season, “I have no idea what to wear” – even though I have a whole wardrobe full of clothes. Most of my clothes are probably crumpled up in a ball in my drawers somewhere. If you can relate to this I would stay tuned and read this article.


Photo Credit: ana_ng; Creative Commons

Clothes are reusable

It’s shocking isn’t it? You can actually wash your clothes and wear them again, and again, and again until they are too small, worn out or so stained that you have to throw them out. I know I think about this sometimes when I am going out with my friends, but to tell you the truth, they probably won’t even notice if you have worn that top 2 days in a row. So make sure that you don’t just wear something once and never again.

Night out

Going for a fancy night out with your friends? – or even a guy? You can totally get away with wearing a fancy dress and shoes but don’t overdo it with the make-up. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t wear any but go for a more natural look that suits you and your personality.

Lazy day

For me personally, these days are my favourite. I just put on some sweats (joggers), a comfy T-shirt and some fluffy slippers and lie around and watch TV, do homework or chores, read a book or text my friends.

Non-uniform days

For these days at school – jeans or skinny jeans and a cool shirt/T-shirt/jumper does the trick. Maybe wear your hair in a slightly different style or wear jewellery and/or a scarf to “jazz” your outfit up a little.

Thank you for taking the time out to read this blog – but just remember that you are beautiful just the way you are and that you don’t need fancy clothes or make-up to fit in. Be yourself, not who people want you to be. That is all that matters.