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Back to school preparations – Ballymena

It has been a long time since some of us here in the Ballymena Today team went to school but that’s exactly why we have the Ballymena Today Youth team. This week they have already helped us with an article about Getting the Bus to school for the first time which you can read here. Now we are relying on them to help get you prepared for returning to school – here we go… Back to school preparations – Ballymena With less than one week left to go, last minute panic starts to set in. Last minute sales are...

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Getting the Bus to School – Ballymena

Getting the bus to school for the first time is nerve racking. Elizabeth from the Ballymena Today youth team remembers her first time travelling to school. Getting the Bus to School – Ballymena I remember my very first time getting the bus to school 6 years ago. Luckily, at the time, I had my older brother there with me who kept me right. However, for the first few weeks I still found it very uncomfortable. To get the bus to school you should research your bus number/route and find the nearest bus stop to your house. Time how long it takes you to walk to it from your house so that you know what time you have to leave the house at the morning, if you miss the bus. This also means that you are not rushing your breakfast in the morning. When your bus drives past your stop in the morning the bus driver should stop for you, however, sometimes you might have to signal him to pull over. You should make this obvious so they do not miss you, if you are by yourself. Make sure you catch the bus going in the right direction and you should also check to see if you are eligible for free bus journeys or if you can get a discount. The office at the bus station sells a smart card...

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Schools Ballymena – How to make study notes

School is starting again soon and it is time for students everywhere to think about brushing up on their study techniques. Here is some advice from Elizabeth on our youth team about how she approaches her studies. Have a read and you will be well prepared when we head back to school! Schools Ballymena – How to make study notes There is no a specific way that you have to take notes and many people learn in different ways whether it’s by doing, seeing or hearing – it depends on the person. However, I find that making study notes...

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NI Open 2017 – Ballymena

Elizabeth from the Ballymena Today Youth Team went to the NI Open 2017: Last week I was given the opportunity to be a part of the media team at the NI Open at Galgorm Castle. There were 6 of us on the team and we were required to show up every day to take photos using a “Roving Reporter” app created specifically for this event. Using this app we were able to take photos and add a caption. After being edited by one of our team members, who sat in the clubhouse, they were then used to update the...

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Four Things To Make With Eggs

With Easter approaching, eggs are everywhere. Whether they are chocolate, mini or just your plain old chicken egg. Eggs are extremely versatile and tasty so here are 4 things to make with eggs which you can try over the holidays. Easter egg nests Let’s start with something easy, sweet and “chocolately”. These are super easy and will take you back to your top-hat era. For these all you have to do is, get your favourite bar of chocolate – I usually use galaxy or dairy milk. Melt this over a saucepan of boiling water or in the microwave and...

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