LL Crafts were commissioned to paint this beautiful Poppies Milkchurch. Louise wanted to share it with Ballymena Today along with this beautiful explanation of why the ‘Poppy Flower’ is the ‘Remembrance Flower for the Fallen’. (Featured Image shows Poppies at the Tower of London. Andyfpp; Creative Commons.)

Flying over the ‘Somme’ battlefield, fighter pilot ‘Cecil Lewis’ was astonished by the sight of ‘clumps of crimson poppies, thrusting out from the lips of craters, undaunted by the desolation, heedless of human fury and stupidity, flanders poppies, basking in the sun.’ Men in the trenches felt the same. 
Private ‘Len Smith’ remembered peeping cautiously over the top of his trench, just to catch an inspiring glimpse of them waving defiantly in no-man’s land. Many soldiers came to believe that, ‘nourished by blood, the red petals captured the souls of the fallen’, according to author Nicholas Saunders in his ‘History of the Poppy’.

This story was originally published in the Daily Mail and to read the full article please click here.


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