The Women’s Aid in Ballymena and throughout Northern Ireland offer an invaluable service for people and children who have experience domestic abuse. The Women’s Aid website has lots of advice and help for anyone who has been touched by violence or abuse whether physical or emotional.


Did you know that the Women’s aid website has a “Cover your tracks” feature. This will help anyone who has accessed the website and is worried that someone in their home will find out. Just click on the “Cover your Tracks” button on the website and you will be able to access clear instruction about how to remove your visit to the Women’s Aid website. Using the techniques shown will help cover your tracks, but Women’s Aid advise that the safest way to find information on the internet is at a library, internet cafe, friend’s house, or at work. Click here to visit the Women’s Aid website.


If you are worried about someone or are in a situation where you are suffering domestic abuse, whether you are male or female, please call the number above for support and advice. Women’s Aid in Ballymena is based at the Naomi Centre, 2 Cullybackey Road, Ballymena.