Womens Aid in Ballymena have tied White Ribbons onto the trees outside their offices in the Naomi Centre.


The White Ribbon Campaign asks people to stand up against violence to women. Here is Chris Green, UK Director of the White Ribbon Campaign explaining why their campaign is so important.

The White Ribbon Campaign say – “Violence against women happens more than you think. It’s mostly committed by men. We won’t stand for it.We’re a group of men who know that there’s never an excuse for violence against women. We pledge never to condone it, or to stand by when we know it’s happening. We’re part of a worldwide movement. There are thousands of us. Join us. Stand with us.”

Find out more about the White Ribbon Awareness Campaign here . Today is the start of their 16 days of Activism.Stand up and say no to gender based violence.

Click here to find out more about Womens Aid in Ballymena.