Ballymena Today read lots of blog post and internet articles over the course of a week. Here are some that we thought that you might enjoy;

1/ Local Vets Grove Veterinary Centre have shared their favourite animal Instagram accounts to follow! They will certainly make you smile!! – Our Favourite Pets on Instagram.


2/ BBC’s Countryfile visited Northern Ireland in this weeks episode. It is still available here until Sunday 24th August on BBC i-player. We especially loved the visit to the blacksmith’s forge made famous in a Seamus Heaney poem.


3/ Have you ever wondered why it takes so long to change the battery in your expensive watch – Jewellery Latest have the answer with the help of local Jewellers Robert Adair. If you own an expensive Rolex or a super water resistant watch this is a must read – Pressure Testing a Water Resistant watch.


and finally. . .

4/ A big well done to Aleesha who raised money for the Raise the Roof choir by making loom band bracelets and selling them to her friends. Raise the Roof consists of around 60 local young people aged from 7 years and up. Their goal is to raise funds to build a seven classroom school in Uganda by giving concerts and fundraising. What a great idea from a great girl!


Let us know of any Ballymena news which you think we would love here at Ballymena Today.