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Ballymena Today Youth – Our favourite Ballymena shops

One of the Ballymena Today youth team has decided to share her favourite shops with us here at Ballymena Today. See if you agree……..

Shopping! Who doesn’t enjoy spending money? I know I do . Here are a few of my personal favourite shops, which I can’t pass by without taking a peek in the window. (Featured Image: Kate Hiscock; Creative Commons)



Yes, I know…it can be hard to find what you are looking for, in the Primark in Ballymena, but if you hoke around long enough you may just find a top that you will automatically fall in love with and it’s really good for pyjamas and onesies, which are great Christmas gifts.

Superdrug – This shop has everything from make-up to soaps. They are at really good prices and sometimes have very good sales. They have nice “box sets” which are perfect for coming up to Christmas time.

Poundland/B&M bargains – These shops do really inexpensive random things – I usually buy food/drinks from here when I am peckish.

Faith Mission Bookshop – This is the cutest bookshop. It sells Christian CD’s/DVD’s, books, stationery, and lovely gift ideas. It caters for all ages, from the very young to teenagers, to adults.

New Look – This shop has stylish clothes for all styles and especially for the in-between ages, where you are too old for children’s clothes and too young for size 8/10 clothes. Here are some of their cute accessories which we think would make some great Christmas stocking fillers.


Waterstones bookshop – This shop is in the Fairhill Shopping Centre and is perfect if you are looking for a novel/series to start reading, especially as it organises the books into specific age groups.

The Works/Card Land – These have amazing and humorous ideas for presents.

Quiz – This is more of an expensive fashionable shop, which does really pretty accessories.

Thank you for reading this article and have a nice time shopping. Let us know what your favourite shops are in our town, Ballymena.