One of the Ballymena Today youth team has decided to share her favourite shops with us here at Ballymena Today. See if you agree……..

Shopping! Who doesn’t enjoy spending money? I know I do . Here are a few of my personal favourite shops, which I can’t pass by without taking a peek in the window. (Featured Image: Kate Hiscock; Creative Commons)




Yes, I know…it can be hard to find what you are looking for, in the Primark in Ballymena, but if you hoke around long enough you may just find a top that you will automatically fall in love with and it’s really good for pyjamas and onesies, which are great Christmas gifts.

Superdrug – This shop has everything from make-up to soaps. They are at really good prices and sometimes have very good sales. They have nice “box sets” which are perfect for coming up to Christmas time.

Poundland/B&M bargains – These shops do really inexpensive random things – I usually buy food/drinks from here when I am peckish.

Faith Mission Bookshop – This is the cutest bookshop. It sells Christian CD’s/DVD’s, books, stationery, and lovely gift ideas. It caters for all ages, from the very young to teenagers, to adults.

New Look – This shop has stylish clothes for all styles and especially for the in-between ages, where you are too old for children’s clothes and too young for size 8/10 clothes. Here are some of their cute accessories which we think would make some great Christmas stocking fillers.


Waterstones bookshop – This shop is in the Fairhill Shopping Centre and is perfect if you are looking for a novel/series to start reading, especially as it organises the books into specific age groups.

The Works/Card Land – These have amazing and humorous ideas for presents.

Quiz – This is more of an expensive fashionable shop, which does really pretty accessories.

Thank you for reading this article and have a nice time shopping. Let us know what your favourite shops are in our town, Ballymena.