Algram in Ballymena love Natuzzi living room furniture. Natuzzi have a range of armchairs, two and three seaters which are elegant, durable and most importantly comfortable. We have shared our top tips for choosing you new sofa here and here.

Out of all of our expertise and professional advice we have one invaluable tip which which will help you chose the right sofa or armchair. It is foolproof – sit on it! Nothing can rival the experience of calling in at Algram to feel the sofa material, checkout the frame and sit in the armchair.


Natuzzi is one of the top ranges at Algram. Pasquale Natuzzi personally coordinates this strategic activity from the Italian Style Centre where a team of 120 professional designers, architects, colour experts, craftsmen, engineers and furniture specialists is devoted entirely to design quality, studying trends and choosing materials. That means you getting cutting edge designs, beautiful materials and a superb quality living room suite for a reasonable price.

Call in with Algram in Ballymena and test their Natuzzi Living room range. You get to feel the fabrics, see the colour range and see just how comfortable Natuzzi furniture is.