The Consumer Council have compiled a great advent calendar which is designed to keep you informed about how to stay safe when you are shopping online. Click here to visit the Advent Calendar and check out all of the hints which you have missed.

countdown to christmas

The Consumer Council started off their advent series with a warning to stay safe when you are shopping online. Any time when we type in our credit card or debit card number we need to be careful to ensure that we are using reputable websites and that you are using a safe wifi location. Remember to always log out after making a purchase and it is important that all your internet security is up to date.

This will prevent any suffering later on down the line. Corrupted files, loss of data and personal data being accessed by others can all be prevented with a simple computer check up. MCC Computers will endeavour to have your computer back in your hands as quickly as they can and are completely confidential and trustworthy.

Give yourself peace of mind this Christmas by booking your computer or laptop in for a check up now. MCC Computers in Ballymena Business Centre will check your computer over for any malware, corrupt programmes or niggling problems. Click here to find out more about keeping your computer healthy and your private data safe at the MCC Computers website.