Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service have lots of Fire Safety advice. Their Fire Safety steps should help you to make fire safety a New Years resolution which you will be able to keep at home this year. Have a read through the advice given below and if necessary get some fire fighters in to help you out. All the details are below.

Photo Credit: Bert Cash, Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Bert Cash, Creative Commons

Northern Ireland website NIDirect have this advice which should help you to make your home more fire safe:

By routinely completing a number of simple fire safety steps, you can drastically reduce the risk of a fire in your home.

Fire safety checks

Getting into the habit of checking that your smoke alarms are working may just save your life. Every year firefighters in Northern Ireland are called to fires in homes where smoke alarms are fitted, but are not working properly.

Check they are working once a week by pressing the button. A working smoke alarm will provide you and your family with an early warning to fire in the house to give you the best possible chance to escape.

You should also plan what your escape route would be in the event of a fire. If a fire occurs at night your escape will be hindered by dark or difficult conditions. If you have already planned an escape route and everyone knows what to do, escaping safely will be much easier.

Did you know that people can ask for a free Home Fire Safety Check where local firefighters checking their home to help make it fire safe?  Here is what is involved:

  • appliances are checked
  • advice on how to avoid fires will be offered
  • and you smoke alarms will be checked, or a free one installed if you haven’t got one.

To request a free Home Fire Safety Check, call 028 9260 0477 or click here to request a check through the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service website.