Wedding Season is coming and in Ballymena there are lots of great stores who can help you find a special wedding gift for your loved ones. After you send your Wedding Acceptance card back it seems like there is an unending list of things for a good wedding guest to sort out. From getting you Wedding outfit, for suits we recommend David Bellingham Menswear in Ballymena and ladies should check out Dragonfly and Marmalade boutiques, to booking your day off work sometimes the all important wedding gift can slip your mind. If that is the case then do not panic, there are lots of options in Ballymena for your Bride and Groom.

Wedding Gifts - Ballymena

Photo Credit: Stefano Mortellaro; Creative Commons

1/ Go for something personalised. If you have had a memory lapse and forgotten all about the wedding list don’t worry. Sometimes the Wedding list can be picked over before you get there and if that is the case don’t settle for buying something that you don’t want to – go elsewhere for something personalised. Click here to visit LL Crafts website where local Ballymena artist Louise Lester offers to ‘paint anything on to anything’. Here are some of her latest wedding gifts which could give you some ideas.



2/ Ask for help. Head to the China Shop on Broughshane Street or the Giftbox on Church Street and ask the staff what gift would be suitable for your newlyweds.

If they have their gift list and it has been bought up already, staff may be able to direct you to something else that they would like or a piece which would fit in with a set they are already investing in. For example, if they have picked a Denby set there may be extras which they wouldn’t be expecting like a gravy boat or a salt and pepper set.

3/ Think about their circumstances. If your newlyweds are moving in together for the first time then any household appliances and homewares will be very much appreciated but it could be worth thinking outside of the box. Inquire about a local gardener, or window cleaner and treat them to a years worth of a service rather than a large gift.

If the couple are already in their home then opt for something which will make their life a little bit easier. Maybe something lieka food hamper from Irish company Indie Fude. Here is what you could find in a hamper, this hamper is called ‘What a Lovely Couple!” and is a perfect post wedding treat.


4/ You can never go wrong with vouchers. Some people turn their nose up at vouchers but if you are generous, pick the right store and package it in a beautiful card then you will be fine. Argos is great for practical people who have kids, while Ikea or Debenhams are also great options. For cards check out local Northern Ireland designers like Arbee Cards, Ali Marriot  or look at Not on the High Street for some personalised option.

Don’t be stuck if you are heading to a Wedding this summer. Head to Ballymena and find all that you need for a the perfect gift.