Earlier this week Ballymena Today shared our first blog post from Rachel about Rainbow Loom. Now she tells us about the biggest Loom Band challenge and the bracelets that she loves making….

In my opinion I think that the most difficult thing to make in Rainbow Loom is a not very popular one, called the ‘Snake Belly’. Here is a tutorial from Justin’s Toys. If you’re giving it a try, good luck!

I have not done loads and loads of Rainbow Loom designs like some people but I still think that my 3 favourite designs I have – the ones overall that look the best – are the Twistzy Wistzy, the Starburst, and my favourite one: the Super Seven Link Fishtail. You can find the links for the instructional videos as well as the pictures below. All of them require the Loom but they are not too difficult to make but the most important thing is that they look great! Give it a go and see if they become your favourites, too!

You can try the Super Seven Link Fishtail,


the Twistzy Wistzy


and the Star burst!


Also, don’t forget to check out the Rainbow Loom website for more hints and tips, and there are more instructional videos for the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level. Have scroll through the designs and see which one suits you the best. But the most important thing is, have fun!

Thanks to Rachel for sharing her Loom Band knowledge with us here at Ballymena Today!