Shopping in Ballymena is great if you are a girl. Ballymena has plenty of pretty boutiques and ladies fashion shops where you can find something affordable and fashionable. One of the members of our Ballymena Today Youth team has some advice for Ballymena shoppers who are looking for the perfect Spring Dress!

How to choose the perfect dress - Ballymena Today Youth Team

Dilemma, dilemma. How will I ever choose? We all know the struggle of trying to find the perfect dress – whether it is for a party, formal or even a wedding these days can be stressful. Here are some steps on finding the dress for you!
Firstly, size and shape. If there is a dress you like and it is ten times too big ask yourself is there really any point in buying it? Choose a dress that you are going to feel comfortable in.

Also ask yourself what length you want it. Do you want one that is just above the knee or so you want one that is the whole way down to your ankles?
Secondly, colour. You can choose your favourite colour, or a colour that suits you. If you already have your shoes picked out make sure that they will match. You also have the choice if you want a patterned dress. If you are well and truly stuck remember that black goes with pretty much everything.
Thirdly, and finally, price. Depending on the occasion and how much money that you have you need to set yourself a price limit or price budget so that you don’t go over your recommended amount.
Thank you for reading this post and I hope that it has helped you find the prefect dress that will suit you. Bye!

Don’t forget that in Ballymena lots of our clothes shops have some brilliant members of staff who can help you with any of your style dilemmas! Shops such as Dragonfly, Couples, Just, Marmalade and Primrose all sell pretty dresses and clothing for ladies and they are all located in Ballymena town centre! Get shopping folks!