Written, recorded and produced by the young people at Waveney Youth Club Ballymena & Beyond Skin artists, No Labels is a great example of how talented our Ballymena youth are. We love their video and the song which they have written and are so glad that they shared it online for us to enjoy. Well done to all the guys who worked hard to create this.

No Labels by Waveney Youth Club Ballymena and Beyond Skin artists

A Beyond Skin & Ballymena Inter-Ethnic Forum partnership project.

The aim of Ballymena Inter-Ethnic Forum is to support Ethnic Minority communities in the greater Ballymena area to integrate into society by providing links to statutory, voluntary bodies and community groups and thereby ensuring equitable delivery of services, to eliminate discrimination and prejudice by promoting equality for all, strengthening good relations, capacity building and raising awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity so that members of the ethnic minority communities can see themselves as integral citizens of Northern Ireland. Click here to find out more. 

This project was funded and supported by OFMDFM through Ballymena Borough Council Good Relations, NEELB and Ballymena PCSP.

A big congratulations to the folks from Waveney Youth Club Ballymena and Beyond Skin artists.