At Ballymena Today we love the Internet but we understand that everything can have a dark side. Apps, games and sites can be educational, help with social skills and be informative but as a parent it is important to keep up with what each app does and how you can protect your child from its dark side.

For example, most of us are familiar with Facebook and Twitter but what if I asked you how to use ooVoo, or MyLOL? No idea? The NSPCC, along with MumsNet, have provided a helpful chart which should help you stay on top of your child’s apps. Click here to visit the page. 

Ballymena Today - Parents Guide to online Apps

This is just a few of the Apps which they feature. Click on each icon to open a full description and really helpful information such as how safe children consider the site to be, and how to report problems.

This is a great tool which will come in handy if you child is glued to their mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Using these devices can allow them to socialise with their friends and even do their homework together, and with the information from the NSPCC you as a parent can have peace of mind that your kids are staying safe online. We at Ballymena Today hope that you find this parents guide useful.