Greenmount Hill Farm at Glenwherry is taking part in the Open Farm Weekend in Northern Ireland this month. THe Open Farm Weekend is running on the 13th and 14th June and is sponsored by Bank of Ireland.

Open Farm Weekend – Greenmount Hill Farm at Glenwherry

Open Farm Weekend - Greenmount Hill Farm at Glenwherry

Greenmount Farm is open on Saturday 13th 11am – 4pm and Sunday 14th 12-4pm. They have lots of activities planned and things going on the entertain visitors. Here is what they have shared about their open weekend at;

What activities do you have planned for the weekend?

When you come to the Glenwherry Hill farm you will see how the beef and sheep enterprises are managed, but also how they can be utilised to support and create wildlife habitats. Ewes and lambs and cows with their calves will be on display, with some of the CAFRE staff and students on site to explain how we manage them. Loughry Campus staff will be available to show how the raw products from the farm are transformed into the produce that we buy in the supermarket. You may even get a chance to sample some lamb and beef burgers!

In addition, if you wish you can be taken by minibus around the hill farm and hear how the land is managed to encourage and support a wide range of wildlife habitats. The gamekeeper will be on hand to help you identify some of the animal and plant species within this beautiful landscape.

If there are farm animals on your farm, should we bring anything for them?

We would not encourage people to bring anything for the animals due to health and safety reasons.

What should we bring on the day? (Clothes, wellys, packed lunch, hand wash)

We would encourage people to bring wellies and waterproof clothes on the day as we can’t guarantee it will be a dry day.

How do I get to your farm – please provide directions if your farm is difficult to find?

Glenwherry Hill Farm is part of the College of Agriculture Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) and is located approximately 10 miles from Ballymena, Larne and Ballyclare, at 46 Glenhead Road, Ballymena, BT42 4RF.

Should we bring a packed lunch or snack, or will food be available?

We would advise people to bring their own lunches or snacks with them as we are yet to confirm whether or not we can provide food on the day. Check this page closer to the weekend and hopefully we’ll be able to advise you better.

Where will we be able to park? Is this close to your farm?

We have an on-site car park available for anyone driving up to see us and we will have staff on the day who will be able to assist you in finding the nearest available parking space and directing you to the farm.

There are lots of other locations that are taking part in the Open Farm Weekend. Click here to find out more or plan to visit Greenmount Hill Farm at Glenwherry near Ballymena.