juicy grapes

Look at that lovely juicy looking bunch of grapes…

The very essence of social media and of blogging is more than just good writing. This might seem like an obvious statement to make to some readers but, often businesses get lost in a haze of information from web designers, marketers and SEO experts.

The written element of your content should definitely be well executed. Nobody will keep coming back to read badly written blog posts. The old way was about optimising for search. The old way meant that blogging and/or website content was all about good writing being written in a certain way. That’s it in layman’s terms.

Forget that!

Ok, don’t completely forget it but do set the idea to one side for a moment. You need to think of the bigger picture… a new way.

For many small businesses social media and blogging isn’t a part of their overall strategy. It’s an add-on… and an add-on with unrealistic expectations and high hopes.

Blogging is more than just good writing. Instagram is more than just good images!

All of your SEO efforts, written content, great imagery and snappy videos are really really important… but you need people to see them. You need people to tell their friends. We wrote a post recently about this.

The share is vital. That’s the most important currency for you and your content.

To create good content, find your audience, grow the audience and then get them to share takes effort. You are going to need a plan but, the share is the bigger picture that you need to step back and see.

If everything else is amazing and it doesn’t get shared… it’s vanity.

Now, if I had that bunch of grapes in my hand, I’d offer you one, or maybe two… I hope you’d do the same!

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