Ballymena is full of dog owners who love pampering their pets. Our town has lots of lovely parks and walks where dog owners can exercise their dogs easily and if you feel like your dog deserves a treat then here are some tips from Ballymena Today:

Get you pooch professionally pampered

Gal-Groom in Galgorm, Ballymena offer you dog the best pamper, cut (and, if desired, colour) they have ever had. Bring your dog along to Gal-Groom and Ellen and her team will give you a full consultation, and you can choose from several grooming packages ranging from a full grooming session, a spruce up or a pampering bath time.


Ellen from Gal-Groom shares the benefits of having your dog groomed:

-promotes healthy coat, removes dirt and debris

-aids appearance

-aids circulation promotes new growth and oils

-reduces unpleasant dog odour

-reduces risk of skin complaints

-reduces licking/scratching

-allows an overall external health check

-good bonding exercise between owner and dog

-prevents coat becoming matted and causing discomfort to dog

Also did you know that dogs only have sweat glands on their feet? Therefore when they’re feeling hot, they can sweat through their paw pads. Panting also helps a dog to cool down by circulating air through the body. The hotter they are, the more they will drool, so watch for the signs and help to keep them cool through grooming.

At Gal-Groom during the summer I get calls about Labradors, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Samoyeds, Husky owners who ask me to shave their dog as short as possible as they are too hot. This is not the answer and you could cause your dog more harm than good.  Bringing your dog along to Gal-Groom means that you will get professional advice about what is best for your dog and a professional service.

 The team at Gal-Groom recently competed at the English groomers challenge, and Florence and Ellen took 2nd place with their creative theme ‘Little Shop of Horrors’. Congratulations to Gal-Groom from Ballymena Today! Here are the before and after shots:


Check out their Facebook page here and their website here. You may not want to go for a colourful coat but if your dog needs a tidy up, clean or trim then click here to find out more about Gal-Groom.


Keep them fit and happy

Head down to the People’s Park, the Ecos centre, or the River Path at Galgorm to let your dog stretch their legs. Remember that Grove Vets on the Grove Road are also happy to help you with any of your dogs health queries, and their free Nurses Clinics can offer lots of help for overweight dogs, dental problems or questions about vaccinations. They also have a helpful blog which you can read here.


Head to Doggy Daycare in Cullybackey.

Pamper your Dog in Ballymena

Cullybackey based local business Doggy Daycare offer lots of helpful services for Ballymena Dog owners. Mark from Doggy Daycare says:

Doggy Daycare was established in 2010. Initially, I started out by offering a simple dog walking and pet sitting service to owners when they went on holiday. With a deep appreciation for how much a dog is considered part of the family unit, this service was based in customers’ homes to begin with. Before long, the positive feedback was flowing in and I made the decision to expand the business and open up my own Doggy Daycare Centre.

11059360_1637116866516964_6445307962094947408_nDoggy Daycare offers following services –
*Puppy/Dog Training
*1-2-1 Training

Doggy Daycare believe that training your dog is one of the most important things that a responsible dog owner can do. Doggy Daycare offer training for puppies, adult training classes, and will also give you and your dog one to one training which can cover specific issues or is perfect for an owner or dog who need individual attention.  Doggy Daycare are a Kennel Club listed organisation and are able to offer The Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze and Silver Award Courses at various times throughout the year.

Click here to find out more about Doggy Daycare.


Get you Dog kitted out from Gillie and Laird

Local Ballymena handmade textiles company Gillie and Laird have branched out into dog coats. Gillie and Laird love all things tweed and love dogs too so the combination has proved to be perfect.

Click here to find out more about local business Gillie and Laird.

We love all of these Ballymena based local businesses who cater to Dogs and work hard to serve Ballymena dog owners. Let us know if you are a dog owner in Ballymena if you have any favourite places, shops or treats for your dog.