Ballymena Today love to see more motorbikes on the roads as it normally means that it is officially summertime. But knowing that more bikers are enjoying the roads means that motorist need to be even more vigilant and careful when driving. Here is an excellent poster from the UK road safety organisation THINK, which shows us exactly how difficult it can sometimes be to spot motorbikes.

Can you spot the motorcyclist?

Take longer to look for Motorbikes - Ballymena

Having trouble? Check out the centre of the road on the brow of the hill. Even with the motorcyclist doing everything in their power to drive safely this poster shows us that motorbike on the roads can be difficult to spot. That is why the caption is so clear – Take longer to look for Motorbikes.

Road safety in Northern Ireland is a big issue, and this summer at Ballymena Today we have been trying to blog helpful articles to help motorists and road users think twice about their journey. So far we have covered these topics:

This advertisement certainly made us think and we will be trying to take ore care and pay more attention on the roads. Today we have focused on the responsibility of motorists but for much more information covering all road users visit the nidirect website. Let all enjoy the roads together this summer and take longer to look for Motorbikes.