Ballymena Business Red Star Music sell guitar strings for acoustic, electric and bass guitars. Guitar strings do need changed regularly depending on how often you play and how often you clean your guitar. Oil and dirt from our hands mean that eventually the strings on your guitar will need to be changed.

Guitar Strings from Red Star Music

Photo Credit: bill lapp; Creative Commons

Not sure if you need new strings on you guitar? here are a few signs that its time for a change;

  • The strings sound dull
  • The strings are difficult to tune and keep in tune
  • The strings are discoloured or dirty

If you have an acoustic guitar and think that its time for a new set of strings then here is a helpful video from Martin Guitars showing you how to put on some new strings.

If you need to buy new strings for you guitar or need some advice about changing strings or tuning then call in with the staff as Red Star Music. Red Star stock Martin guitar strings alongside a variety of other brands and the staff will help you to get the right product for your guitar. Call to the store at John Street and get guitar strings from Red Star Music