Considered Storytelling

As a small business owner, don’t assume that the world only wants stories from the big brands. They want to hear your story too. For the consumer, staying connected to the ongoing journeys of small businesses in their area can be an exciting and worthwhile practice in lots of different ways.

Consumers demand more from brands – they buy into storytelling – but storytelling is an art and it takes time to perfect. Content marketers will have to take the time to work out what they should say and how best to say it, if they don’t want their audiences to tune out – or worse, switch them off.


Don’t give up when it doesn’t click right away, turn to a new page and keep telling the story.

While the content marketers are working out what they should say and how they should say it best, we are all set and ready to help you.

Not sure where to start? Talk to us, we can help you to embrace considered storytelling either here on Ballymena Today or on your own website and/or social media outlets.

Some of our team have been perfecting the art of considered storytelling on the web for over a decade, building community and engaging audiences along the way.

The Ballymena borough is full of wonderful people and wonderful ongoing stories. We’d love to tell more of them.