In Waterstones in Ballymena a special bookclub was recently run to celebrate the release of Harpers Lee’s novel “Go Set a Watchman”. The books was a long awaited second piece of work from the writer of the modern classic “To Kill a Mockingbird”. We blogged about the release of the book here. The bookclubbers were given just under a month to have the book read and be ready for a lively debate.

Ballymena Waterstones Bookclub

What was the verdict? Everyone enjoyed the book, it was a quick and easy read although everyone preferred “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

This month the bookclub are inviting us to read “After Me Comes the Flood” by Sarah Perry, which is part of the Waterstones Bookclub picks.


After Me Comes the Flood is a haunting novel. The kind that keeps popping back into your head at the slightest notice. During a month of severe drought, John Cole locks up his London bookshops and heads to Norfolk to stay with his brother. His car breaks down and he finds himself lost in the English countryside until he stumbles upon a small isolated village where, somehow, everybody already knows his name..(Source)

Intrigued yet?


Click here to read an extract from the first chapter and come along to the Waterstones Bookclub in Ballymena on Wednesday 2nd September at 7pm.