At Ballymena Today we know lots of kids who are preparing to head off to school in September. Lots are heading to ‘big’ school for the first time so we wanted to send you off to school with the help of Ballymena Today.

At Ballymena Today we have a team of young people who write some blog posts for us. Here are some which you might want to share with someone you know who is starting school in September.

Off to school with the help of Ballymena Today

Ballymena Today guide : Starting Your New School

Tips for going from primary school to secondary school


Ballymena Today Youth : My First Day at School

Ballymena Today Guide to buying your School Uniform



Hopefully you will find some of these blog posts from our archives useful. Click here to read all of the articles written and contributed by the Ballymena Today youth team. Thanks as always to our Ballymena Today youth team who are a new generation of bloggers who love promoting positive things about Ballymena.