We find it incredible that businesses and business owners still need to be convinced of the power of social media. We have mentioned social media a lot over the past few years.
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Our aim

Ballymena Today will continue to share informative insights here on our blog but perhaps the most important thing we can say is, that you just need to sign up, set up your profile and get using some form of social media for your Ballymena business. Strategy is all well and good and statistics will certainly help you to see what works and what doesn’t but, sometimes you just need to get on with it.

What you need to grasp right now is that using social media for your Ballymena business is as important as serving your customers and/or clients in person.

How you speak to people, what information you share and how you react from one tweet/status/email to the next… is not rocket science. It does not need deep head scratching debate. Social media users are potential customers and brand advocates for you and your business. They are really important. That fact should inform how you think about and use social media today, tomorrow and the next day.

Our Advice

Here are our top ten social media tips for your Ballymena business.

  1. It’s your business/organisation, you should know what you are and who you are about more than anyone else, now tell people!
  2. Understand your audience. Pay attention to your followers, speak to them, watch what they like/re-tweet and learn.
  3. Plan ahead. Got special offers coming up? A sale? Announce it early, get some build-up buzzing.
  4. Learn from leaders, especially those in a similar business area to you.
  5. Post often, use hashtags, share great images. Don’t be shy.
  6. Don’t just self-promote. Be helpful and conversational. Ask questions.
  7. Run competitions and/or giveaways.
  8. Teamwork. Get staff involved, get them sharing and involved.
  9. Have fun. Enjoy social media, it shouldn’t be a burden.
  10. Be patient. Results won’t happen overnight, think long-term.

Get on with it, tell your story.

Let us help

Once you set up on social media for your Ballymena business, get in touch with us, follow us.

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