Ballymena has its very own Martial arts centre – The Dojo. Situated at the Woodside Industrial estate The Dojo is a purpose built martial arts & training centre run by & for the community. They first came to our attention when we spotted this video of Spiderman visiting one of their events.

Here is some more information from the Dojo website.

This in turn will benefit you the student, as you can be assured that the aim of The Dojo is, and always will be, to promote the development of those who train in it. The Dojo is a place of learning and no matter what your skill at this present time we are here to help you improve, we look forward to seeing you there. Allow us the opportunity to show you why we have the reputation we have.

David Toney Chief Instructor heads up a team of select coaches, who have all trained under his expertise. He was the first person to attain a Master’s degree in his syllabus in Ireland. David has written and published two books on the syllabus of his organisation. These are training manuals aimed to target adult students, juniors and parents of juniors. He is now the best selling Martial Arts author in Ireland. He himself has attained 7th Dan level which is a prestigious grade which can only be attempted by invitation from the Founder/Soke of the WJJF International.He has been teaching in Ballymena for over 25 years and has in previous years received a local Coach of the Year award, an award through Sport NI and also a Lifetime Achievement Award, in recognition of his services to Ju-Jitsu through WJJF International.

Their kids Ju-Jitsu programme looks like great fun and you child can benefit from exercising, gaining confidence which learning a new skill, and meet new friends too. For full details of all the classes visit the Dojo website and find out more about learning martial arts in Ballymena.