Ballymena welcomes mums to the People’s Park to get out and exercise together. Slip on your trainers, pop the baby in the buggy and head out with others for a but of fresh air and exercise. After having a baby it can be really difficult to find any time to squeeze any exercise in. Staying healthy, losing that little bit of baby weight and meeting up with other mums is a great idea – the buggy workout offers a scheduled time when you can meet in the park and have a walk with some other mummies and their babies.

Exercise with new mums in Ballymena

The buggy workout will help you to get out and more importantly exercise can have a positive effect on our mental health. The baby blues, or post natal depression, is more common than many people realise, and affects around one in 10 women after having a baby. The symptoms of postnatal depression are wide-ranging and can include low mood, feeling unable to cope and difficulty sleeping. If you are feeling low, or tired out that could be completely normal but if this hopeless feeling persists then you should get in touch with your GP. They will be able to give you the support and help that you need. website also offers this advice for preventing postnatal depression:

  • get as much rest and relaxation as possible
  • take regular gentle exercise
  • don’t go for long periods without food, as low blood sugar levels can make you feel much worse
  • don’t drink alcohol because it can make you feel worse
  • eat a healthy, balanced diet

Again, if you are feel low or out of sorts then speak to your GP as soon as you can. Being a mother is a great but difficult job – join other mummies at the buggy workout in the people’s park for some fresh air, exercise, and a good chat.