Slemish Market Supper Club has been taking place regularly at several venues in and around the Ballymena area for a few months now. We had heard some great reports about it, so some of us from the Ballymena Today team decided it was time to try it for ourselves! The venue for this one was Glenariff Tea Rooms ….and what a view from here! Stunning!

So with the Glens as a backdrop we were really looking forward to what chef Rob Curley and the guys from Slemish Market Garden had prepared for us. A quick scan over the menu and it was clear it wasn’t your average list of dishes! – but that’s why we went along, to experience new food and new flavours. The food at every Slemish Market Supper Club evening is either grown in Ballymena at the Market Garden or sourced from around the Ballymena area or the Glens – that’s as local and fresh as it’s possible to get. After Frank from Slemish Market Garden welcomed us all and Rob explained the menu it was time for course one of seven.

Slemish Market Supper Club Menu

Aperatif – Lumper potato, apple & tarragon eau de vie

Wee Bite – Sungold tomato & fennel hummus

Starter – Rabbit salad

Fish – Glenariff crab, dulse mayonaisse & Bramley apple

Meat – Lamb shank baked in dulse seaweed dough, lumper potato, red cabbage, turnip & lamb gravy

Cheese – Blue cheese mousse, lovage, chestnut honey & Barrahooley porter cracker

Dessert – Apples Apples Apples!


This really was an incredible food experience which we could highly recommend. If this has whetted your appetite there’s another Slemish Market Supper Club happening in Follow Coffee Shop on Greenvale Street on 31st October 2015. See the flyer below for full details, but we’re sure Rob and the guys at Slemish Market will have all the best local autumn food available for you on that night. 

Slemish Market Supper Club at Follow Coffee

Check out the Supper Club and what else is available at Slemish Market Garden by liking their Facebook page here. You can also check out Follow Coffee on Facebook here.