No two business related meetings are the same.

Just this week a local business came in for a meeting with us and, together we talked about how to further grow their business and create new worth and value within it…. this opportunity is really exciting and is also filled with opportunities for us and the business we met with.

So much of the usual tradition about how a website should look, how social networks should be used and how networking events should be utilised were set aside and re-thought. These are all useful elements but that’s all they are. Elements. Your ideas shouldn’t stop with them. The temptation to allow tired rhetoric about how a “new website is the way forward” or to ask “can we get funding?” or to say “we must create a marketing campaign” was avoided. This simply isn’t our way.

We formed a strategy first and then decided what we needed to do. Strategy is key. A strategy that embraces a new way.

If you are a business and are frustrated with tired, predictable methods and trying to navigate all the choices thrown in front of you, please get in touch with us.

In a meeting with us, we will make sure you see that there is a new way!