Author: Philip

Wonderful feedback from Ballymena Businesses

I would like to take an opportunity to say thank you on behalf of the Ballymena Today team. Thank you for how you have been reading the articles and sharing them with others. From time to time we receive some wonderful feedback from Ballymena Businesses and it really encourages us. Below is some of the recent feedback we have received. We believe that by simply sharing the conversation we can help each other in our town of Ballymena. Together as an online community we can help to make a difference. Please read below and we would hope that in days when things seem...

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A meeting with us

No two business related meetings are the same. Just this week a local business came in for a meeting with us and, together we talked about how to further grow their business and create new worth and value within it…. this opportunity is really exciting and is also filled with opportunities for us and the business we met with. So much of the usual tradition about how a website should look, how social networks should be used and how networking events should be utilised were set aside and re-thought. These are all useful elements but that’s all they are. Elements. Your ideas shouldn’t stop with them. The temptation to allow tired rhetoric about how a “new website is the way forward” or to ask “can we get funding?” or to say “we must create a marketing campaign” was avoided. This simply isn’t our way. We formed a strategy first and then decided what we needed to do. Strategy is key. A strategy that embraces a new way. If you are a business and are frustrated with tired, predictable methods and trying to navigate all the choices thrown in front of you, please get in touch with us. In a meeting with us, we will make sure you see that there is a new...

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We Have a Good Town

The Matter is in our hands At Ballymena Today we recognise that shops have been closing, streets are quieter. We realise that we have fond memories of a “thriving town”. Even though we can see this it doesn’t stop us being passionate about all that is good in our town. We believe the answer lies with each one of us and that we can help each other. We believe people can make a difference. It is an exciting challenge and one which might be simpler than we think. Ballymena Today believe people matter  There are many challenges Our businesses need us...

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It’s a Book Book

You should probably be receiving a brand new Ikea Catalogue on your doorstep or through you letterbox in Ballymena this week… Get excited, it’s a Book...

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What are we about ?

Through social networks we can harness the power of the Internet to help the town in which we live. As a team of, now, we all have many different talents and characteristics but the one thing that unites us all is our desire to see our town improve. While we appreciate modern technology and the Internet we still love the good old fashioned values of knowing our neighbour and supporting them. For the last 3 years, as we said in one of our first blogs we have been “building something”. We now are really excited about how has been shaped into...

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