Christmas has well and truly landed in Galgorm’s Creative Gardens.

Creative Gardens specialise in all year round, colourful plants for both the experienced gardener and beginner alike. Plants are complemented by a huge range of garden accessories, giftware and interiors, with a highlight of the Creative Gardens calendar being their annual Christmas shop that is a seasonal attraction not to be missed.

In addition to the main shop at Creative Gardens, the new centre at Galgorm will also include one of the businesses popular cafes, offering the best in home style cooking and baking to the people of Ballymena and visitors from further afield.

Creative Gardens in Galgorm have all you need for Christmas

We love these little reindeer lights which we spotted on their Facebook page along with these festive snaps:

So if you are tired of pulling out your old christmas decorations and need a bit of a refresh head down to Creative Gardens in Galgorm and have a wander around their winter wonderland. You are sure to pick up some inspiration and maybe a few new decorations for your abode. They also sell real Christmas trees.

If you have a real christmas tree then here are some top tips from the forestry commission about how to care for it:

  • Before taking it indoors, cut off at least one inch (2.5 cm) from the bottom of the trunk and gently shake the tree to remove any loose needles.
  • Stand it in a bucket of water and keep it in a cool place such as a garage or shed until ready to take indoors for decorating.
  • Pot the tree in a stand with the trunk immersed in water.
  • Do not use sand or soil in the tree stand as they restrict water from being drawn up the trunk.
  • Stand the tree in the coolest part of the room, ideally next to a window and away from radiators and fires and top it up with water daily.

If you love a real Christmas tree then we have heard that Creative Gardens in Galgorm have lots and lots ready to go!