We recently called with The Wellington Barber in Ballymena. Guys, you should check them out if you need a haircut, beard trim or shave. Opposite the Tower Centre entrance at 23 Wellington Street, The Wellington Barber have recently refurbished their premises to create a great place for you to relax and get a great male grooming experience.

The Wellington Barber

We called with Stephen and the team to check out what they can offer customers in their barbers shop. Firstly we asked Stephen why he chose Ballymena to open his shop. “Ballymena is my home town and I wanted to offer the men of Ballymena a barbers shop with a relaxed atmosphere. A place they could come and chill out while we tidied up their hair or beard.”

What’s the most popular haircut for guys at the minute? “We are styling a lot of pompadours with skin fades just now, but if it’s just a quick trim you want or a completely new style you can always be sure of the same professional care.”

We see loads of guys with beards around Ballymena these days. Why should they come to you for a beard trim rather than attempt it themselves? “One slip and you will have to shave it all off and start again and that’s easily done when working on yourself. I would recommend visiting us when you see it getting out of hand and we will get it back in line. Maintaining the cheek and neckline is simple enough to carry out at home and we can show you how to find your perfect line.”

For those of us who don’t have a beard and want a nice clean shave, what can you offer? “Firstly, all our shaves are completed using the finest products and hot towels. We wear gloves for our shaves to ensure maximum levels of hygiene. The shaving brush works the soap in to the skin lifting the hairs upright and also exfoliating the face from dead skin. This is where people can often get a shaving rash at home because they don’t prepare their face for the shave. Having it done at The Wellington Barber will not only mean a really good shave, it’s also a very relaxing time when you can chill out for a bit.”

You have loads of products for sale here in the shop. Take us through the range. “We sell beard products from Varsity Beard – the beard pomade from them is very popular at the minute. Our shaving products are from Proraso in Italy and to keep your hair looking great we sell an American hair pomade called Layrite which is a fantastic product!”

The Wellington Barber Dear Barber

“My favourite product range which we sell here at The Wellington Barber is Dear Barber. They have a full range of products for shaving, hair styling, beards and finishing and also a new fragrance which is fantastic. We have been working with Dear Barber from just before the products were released last year. We met up with them, got some of their samples and just loved the products and branding. Dear Barber recently won ‘Product of the Year 2015’ at the Barber Connect event.”

The Wellington Barber opening hours:

Monday – Wednesday 10am – 5.30pm

Thursday & Friday 9am – 8pm

Saturday 9am – 5pm

The guys work mainly on an appointment system but will accept walk-ins and in fact at the moment do their best to keep a barber free to work with walk-in customers.

Finally we asked Stephen what his plans were for The Wellington Barber. “I have some great plans for the shop so that the men of Ballymena can enjoy their TWB experience even more. I want to do more training to keep me at the top of my game and offer the newest and best services available. I believe that to be the best you should never stop learning as barbering has so many different ways to achieve a desired result and we at The Wellington Barber want to constantly strive to be the best so our customers get the cuts they want in a friendly& relaxed atmosphere.”

You can find out a lot more about The Wellington Barber here. They’re also on Facebook here and Twitter here.