Weather conditions have been hazardous over the past few weeks and we have some advice for anyone who is driving in flood conditions.

Advice for driving in flood conditions

Photo Credit: Lee Jordan; Creative Commons

The RAC give this helpful advice:

  • Do not attempt to drive through water if you are unsure of the depth – the edge of the kerb is a good indicator
  • If you do go through water, drive on the highest section of the road
  • Drive steadily and slowly so as not to create a bow wave in front of the vehicle and allow oncoming traffic to pass first – make sure you have a clear route ahead so you do not have to stop in standing water
  • Driving at speed may be dangerous to other vehicles or pedestrians and could cause loss of control
  • Drive a safe distance from the vehicle in front
  • Never attempt to drive through fast flowing water – you could easily get swept away
  • Test your brakes after leaving flood water
  • If your engine cuts out after driving through deep water, do not attempt to restart as engine damage may occur – instead call for assistance and have the vehicle professionally examined.

Ultimately if you are unsure then try to use a different route. At times when weather is severe it is worth logging onto a website like Travelwatch NI and having a alternative route in mind just incase. The most important thing to do is to fight the urge to drive through water quickly and don’t panic.