If you are experiencing flooding in Ballymena or anywhere in Northern Ireland then you can get help and advice from NI Direct. With this extreme weather and heavy downpours flooding is becoming a problem. Here is what you should do to report a flood near you.

Flooding in Ballymena

Photo Credit: Susanne Nilsson; Creative Commons

You only need a single telephone number to report a flood:

  • 0300 2000 100

This number is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You don’t have to decide which organisation you need to ring and you don’t have to contact the Rivers Agency, TransportNI or NI Water – this will be done for you.

When you ring, a member of staff will take all your details and contact the right agency on your behalf. This is a non emergency number so if you are in danger call the emergency services on 999. (Source)

Here is some other helpful advice from NI Direct:

Flooding can have a devastation impact on our roads, homes and surrounding land. If you are in trouble or would like to talk further then you can call the Flooding Incident Line on 0300 2000 100.