Schools are getting out for their Easter Holidays and lots of teenagers are relishing their freedom – especially those who have just passed their driving tests. We hope the the weather is good enough for lots of road trips to the coast and great days out.

Stay safe on the roads during your Easter Holidays

Stay safe on the roads during your Easter Holidays
With your new drivers license also comes a lot of responsibility. Staying safe on the road is very important and requires vigilance, concentration and a few easy car checks.
One thing that you should have a look at before heading out this Easter is your tyres. Here is a video for which is a great way to teach your teenager about why drivers need to pay attention to their tyres.

Do you know someone who has just passed their test or is learning to drive? Be sure to share this on their Facebook wall or send them a quick tweet which will direct them to this video.

If you are worried about your tyres or not sure how to check your tread to tyre pressures then call with a professional who can help you such as Ballymena Tyres on Warden Street in Ballymena. That means you will get a profession eye checking your tyres over and it will put your mind at rest as you hit the roads during your summer holidays.