Waveney Eyecare in Ballymena recently shared an infographic about Congenital eye disease. The opticians who are situated on Church Street in town and the information they shared talks about how some children can be born with eye problems.

Congenital eye disease - Waveney Eyecare

(Source: Eyecare Trust)

Congenital eye defects are any of various conditions present at birth that affect the eyes or vision. Some congenital eye conditions are passed on through genes. Others, such as vision loss due to German measles, result from a disease or deficiency during pregnancy. Sometimes the cause of a congenital eye defect is not known. Congenital eye defects can impair vision or even cause blindness. Some conditions are immediately apparent in an infant, while others may not become known until later in life. (Source)

Waveney Eyecare can help you if you are worried about your child’s eyesight. Good eyesight is crucial for a child’s development at school and socially. Children are often unaware their eyesight is not perfect and if there is any family history of squints and lazy eyes are more likely to have eye problems.

Uv protection is vital for young eyes and research shows that 1/5 school age children have an undiagnosed vision problem

At Waveney Eyecare they have wide selection of free frames for children and we specialise in dispensing glasses for babies and young children. Find them on Church Street in Ballymena.