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Including our writing on The Directory Page we have now published over 1500 articles online, all of which are reaching real people in Ballymena. Our community has grown steadily over the last few years so, we thought we would share a few simple statistics with you.

Reaching Ballymena

On most days over 2500 people will look at and read at least one or more of our articles on Ballymena Today. We share all of our articles to our Facebook page where over 6000+ people are reached every week. Our combined follower count across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is also now close to 4000 people.

We are reaching a lot of people.

This is crucial information for us and enables us to understand how we can keep reaching real people in Ballymena with good, interesting, original and valuable news and information.

Real people in Ballymena

We have always focused on our local community here in Ballymena which is why we prefer not to pay for followers on social media or to attract readers to our articles with Adwords and similar schemes. The stats we have, show us that over 90% of our audience online is in Ballymena and the surrounding borough. This has happened organically as we have repeatedly created original content. We are dedicated to writing about and reaching real people in Ballymena and we are achieving this.

This is FREE!

Everything we write here on Ballymena Today is completely FREE and available to you and your business. If you are in the Ballymena Borough why not get in touch with us for a chat. You need to be reaching real people in Ballymena with your news and stories. We will make sure 1000’s of people see your content. There’s no catch.

Thank you Ballymena

All of the above leaves us very thankful for this growing community. Thank you, especially to our sponsors who support what we are doing. Thank you to everyone who clicks, reads, likes, shares and comments. Your engagement with Ballymena Today is extremely valuable. You are making a difference.

Recently we asked for some opinions about the challenges that businesses face in Ballymena and thank you to everyone who contributed and responded. [Read our post here].

Ballymena Today is a private enterprise, resourced and maintained by a small team who are passionate about our town and borough. We have been writing about Ballymena for over four years and are dedicated to building a community that supports and contributes in a meaningful and effective way.

Maybe you need more than FREE writing? Check out our wider team Are Collective here, to see what we can do.

We are here to help Ballymena. Get in touch.