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Getting your pet to take Medicine – Advice from Grove Vets

Pets are a wonderful addition to any family but Ballymena Veterinarian service Grove Vets know that sometimes pets can get sick. When this happens the vet can usually sort things out with a tablet or some medicine – but how on earth can you get your pet to take it? Here is some great advice from Grove Vets about how to get your pet to take their medicine.

Getting you pet to take Medicine - Advice from Grove Vets

Getting you pet to take Medicine – Advice from Grove Vets

At Grove Vets we know that when you pet is ill all you, as the owner, want to do is help them to get better in whatever way you can. If you pet has been given medicine from the vet it can sometimes be very difficult to get you cat or dog to take the tablets and to keep track of their medicine.

When we as human have to take tablets we can simply get a glass of water to help us swallow, however your cat or dog hasn’t got the same luxury. We know the struggle it can be to hide tablets in food, and check that your pet has actually ate it. Some pets are so energetic that it can be hard to get a pill or tablet into their mouth. Here are some tips which might help you to get your pet to take their medication.

Take advantage of a hungry pet.

Try to wait until you pet is hungry and then mix the medication in with their food. If possible get a liquid formula that can be mixed into their food without being noticeable. That way your hungry pet is almost certain that your pet will gobble the food up with the medicine without picking around the tablet. If you want to use this method check with your Veterinarian that the medicine is ok to be mixed with food.

Use Smelly Food.

Cats and dogs are notorious for sniffing out tablets that are hidden in their usual food and eating around it. If this is happening then you might need to resort to using a food which has a stronger smell than the medicine. Let you pet watch you as you are preparing this ‘treat’ and get them excited about what they are going to eat. Completely cover the pile on the smelly food, such as a liver pate, and watch them eat it up.

Use a pill dropper.

A pill dropper is a tube into which you can place the medicine pill and then give it straight to your dog. Just tilt your dogs head back and place the pill dropper in their mouth and drop the pill in. Be careful that you don’t cause your dog to gag.

Use your pets favourite treat.

If your pet enjoys catching treats in their mouth then try to throw a few of his usual treats and them substitute one for their pill. Hopefully you can fool them into eating it straight down without realising it.

Give you dog a special treat when they take their medicine.

If none of these options work then you might have to take a no nonsense approach and give the medicine to your dog by hand. Use assertive body language and give them the medicine until they keep it down. Try not to make it a game, chasing or more stressful than it has to be. Once you do g has taken it the first time give them a special treat and hopefully it will get easier and easier as time goes on. Remember that you are the boss!
When your cat or dog is sick taking them to the vet can be a difficult process but one the diagnosis is made and the medicine has been prescribed these tips should help your pet in their recovery. Like all thing this will take time but as a responsible pet owner your beloved pet will feel better in the long run. If you need advice about your pet and getting you pet to take Medicine then get in touch with Grove Vets, Grove Road Ballymena.