The Ballymena Braid Real Music club will host Lurgan born musician Malojian this weekend. On Saturday 18th March the local musician will be dazzling audiences with his smooth vocals and glorious melodies.

For a little taster watch the video below of one of our favourite songs “I’ll be Alright” from his third album “This is Nowhere”.

Music Tuesday – Malojian comes to Ballymena

Malojian are a three piece consisting of singer-songwriter Stevie Scullion, drummer Mike Mormecha and bassist Joe McGurgan. They started making waves with his debut album “The Deer’s Cry” in 2012. Since then Malojian have been writing more beautiful songs and we absolutely love the latest album “This is Nowhere” which you can find out more about here.

Music Tuesday - Malojian comes to Ballymena New album, This Is Nowhere sounds like the perfect introduction to Malojian: the record that brings this most people-friendly cult band, finally, to the people.

Scullion, it’s clear by now, treats each album not as a brand-minded reboot, but as a chance to provide an update on how his life is panning out.

And so it is here. The subjects  – parenthood, career disappointment, mid-marriage yearnings, grief – are weighty. But, as we’ve come to expect of this modest, generous songwriter, they’re threaded through the type of come-follow-me melodies, choruses, and riffs that mean you never feel their weight. It’s masterful.

Colin Carberry (Hot Press, Good Vibrations) – Sept’ 2016 (Source)

It costs £10 and includes supports acts too. Doors open at 8pm and all ages are welcome. Click here for ticket details. We know that Ballymena will love the local treasure. Malojian are officially our top played artist in the Ballymena Today office this week – don’t miss them at the Ballymena Braid Real Music club.