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Spring is here – 3 quick ways to fake Spring Cleaning

So yesterday it felt like spring had truly arrive in Ballymena. The weather has certain put a smile on our faces in the Ballymena Today offices! However along with springtime come a list of cleaning, gardening and general errands that we don’t quite feel motivated to do just yet.

Here are three quick ways to fake spring cleaning in you house, office or room.

1/ Add fresh flowers.

I love having fresh flowers in our house and it is one of the best ways to brighten up your home and provide an unexpected focal point for any guest or visitors who pop over. You could get a bouquet from a florist in Ballymena like Sallys Floral Studio, or Jim Bell Florist, or just pick up a bunch of daffodils.

Once you get them in the house remember to treat them right. Have a look at the video below.

2/ De-clutter.
Grab a bin liner and lift anything which is sitting where it shouldn’t belong, or anything you haven’t used since Christmas. Basically you are removing things that you don’t need and cutting down on the things that you need to clean! Don’t throw the stuff out but store the bag somewhere out of the way. That means that is anyone misses anything you have lifted you can send them to get it. Watch how much they really need that item when they have to go out to the garage and search in a bin liner for it. You might find out that they don’t need it quite as much as they think they did.

3/ Make a list of tasks to be tackled.

Making lists is a great way to feel like you have started a big job without actually getting off the sofa. If you make a list of what needs a deep clean, what needs a big wash and any specifics then you will be better organised later on. This is a great thing to do because it means that you can plan the cleaning products that you might need.

And before you go to the shop and spend your money on cleaning products take an evening, again on the sofa, to search online for cleaning hacks which could be really beneficial and save you time and money. Heres a list of our favourites and we couldn’t resist adding this one –

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Spring is here - 3 quick ways to fake Spring Cleaning
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We will be back later on with more Spring Cleaning advice and help. But for now we feel that if you get through these tips then you are probably doing just fine.