Ballymena Tyres would like to encourage all road users to carry out some summer travel checks before heading on holiday this year. Whether you are taking the car on a family holiday, packing up a camper van or have a touring caravan it is important to take a close look at the tyres and ensure that they are fit for purpose. Many holiday vehicles are parked up for about ten months of the year and while the tyres are avoiding wear and tear there are other problem which must be addressed.

Here is a video produced by the TyreSafe website:

Tyres Ballymena – Summer Travel Checks

Stuart Jackson, Chairman of TyreSafe, said: “There are a number of factors that can affect tyres stored on vehicles for several months, even if they are in a garage over winter. Tyres deteriorate with age as well as with mileage, and uneven weight distribution in use and during storage can lead to uneven tyre wear. Tyres will deteriorate faster if they’re stored outdoors, especially in direct sunlight.

“All of these circumstances can lead to unsafe tyres, which is why checks are so important at the start of the season and monthly throughout it.”

Essential pre-season tyre checks:

  • Overall condition – Give all tyres a thorough visual inspection. Remove visible stones and other objects from the tread. Cracks in the sidewall may mean the tyres are beginning to deteriorate and should be checked by a professional along with any cuts, cracks or bulges which could signify internal damage.

  • Air pressures – specific vehicle pressures can be found in the owner’s manual or use TyreSafe’s unique car and caravan tyre pressure calculators.

  • Tread depth – this should be above the legal minimum of 1.6mm across the central ¾ of each tyre’s width and its entire circumference. Use the outer rim of a 20p as a guide to how close a vehicle’s tyres are to this limit. (Source)

Tyres Ballymena - Summer Travel Checks

Please make sure that you check tyres before you take your vehicle out on the road this summer. If you have any worries about any of your tyres then you can call in with Ballymena Tyres on Warden Street in Ballymena who carry a massive range of tyre and will be able to give you good advice and a good price.