How important is Value to you? Ballymena is our hometown and anyone who lives here is bound to know the old jokes about how a Ballymena man loves a bargain. Bargains are great but are we really getting value from a cut price item or service?

Value - Ballymena

In the long run, offers, deals and bargains are unsustainable. What do we mean by that – well we mean that when we truly value our town, our local business owners and their staff then we will be willing to support them in their ventures.

This Christmas we challenged our readers to buy at least one of their gifts from a local ballymena business instead of from a big brand or online. We did this because of two things:

1/ We value you – As customers in Ballymena we all can make a difference to our local businesses – if we all decide together to make small changes then the knock on effect could be massive. By committing to buy local we show that we value our town and its future.

2/ We value our local businesses – It takes a lot of work to run a business. And we know that it is difficult to have staff and families relying on a job.

That is why we don’t ask businesses to give us special offers or devalue their products. When we talk about businesses we want you to to get to know about their work and their values. When we report about a sales or offers at Ballymena.Today it is only ever because a business has asked us to, or has already advertised it. We never ask businesses to put on special promotions for us to report about – we value their product and service too much to do that.

Value is more than just getting money off. If we value our town then we will invest in it. Getting onto our high streets means that we are keeping shops open, people in business, places for our friends and family to work for in the future. Future jobs, business and opportunities will hopefully come to Ballymena but for the time being we want to encourage you to value your local businesses and our hometown – Ballymena