Wilson and Mawhinney understand that lower energy bills are at the top of many home owners wishlist. While following the progress of adventurer Nick Hancock we were interested to see how he was employing ‘green technology’ to fuel his latest expedition.

BpndP83IYAAmk3tNick Hancock has put up a wind turbine on deserted rock Rockall as part of a charity challenge to stay there for 60 days. Rockall is an eroded volcano, which lies 260 miles west of the Outer Hebrides, and is just 100ft wide and 70ft high.

He is taking advantage of the massive ocean winds to fuel his expedition and has been able to blog and tweet about his progress here.

Unfortunately not all of us have the space, time or money to put up a wind turbine in such a wonderful position, but Wilson and Mawhinney know that people in Northern Ireland want great homes which are well designed, easy to heat and cost effective.

Wilson and Mawhinney have been creating great places to live and work since 1978. We listen to our clients and understand their needs. Wilson and Mawhinnney believe in creating homes that:

  • look the way our clients want them to;
  • have low running costs;
  • have the best quality structure our clients can afford; and
  • have the minimum number of gadgets providing the maximum impact.

If the idea of low energy bills and great workmanship appeals to you, please contact Wilson and Mawhinney: T:  02825649537, or email mail@wilsonandmawhinney.com