The North West 200 road race is set for this weekend and as always lots of Ballymena locals will travel to the North Coast this week to enjoy the events.

North West 200 Race Week - Northern Ireland

Each year practice laps are scheduled, which is great for spectators but not so good for folks who are heading out for a coastal drive or planning to go to the caravan for a week. So we at Ballymena Today have are sharing information about the practice and race days for this years North West 200.


Tuesday 12th 9:15am – 2:45pm
Thursday 14th 9:15am – 2:45pm


Thursday 14th 5:15pm – 9:00pm
Saturday 16th 9:30am – 7:00pm

For full information on the road closures please click here to visit the North West 200 website which has all the information.

This week will see lots of great events held at the North Coast as part of the Race Week Festival. Everything from Mini Moto racing, to information days and vintage car and bike display ensures that if you head up to the Northern Coast this week you will find something to keep you occupied.

For those who are excited about catching the racing at the weekend make sure you get there early to get a good viewing spot. Take a hat, sunscreen and plenty of water with you just incase is turns out to be a scorcher of a day.


Here is the circuit map and below you can enjoy watching Michael Dunlop riding a lap in 2012. Don’t get travel sick while watching!

And finally if you have a smart phone get the North West 200 App which will give you lots of useful information at your fingertips – Course map, GPS directions to great vantage points, Watch videos on the go, Events info and you can send your picture in. So if you are heading to the North West 200 this year then enjoy the races – we are hoping that it is a safe and sunny weekend for all!