In our previous Ballymena Today tutorial on how to draw Princess Aurora, I said that I would show you how to draw Tinkerbelle from Peter Pan. Here are 15 simple steps and guidelines to help you draw her.

Step 1.  Draw Tinkerbelle’s head, sketch her eye guidelines – lightly – and use those to draw the inner part of her eye.

Step 2. Continue drawing the rest of her eye and both eyelids, the right eyelid is more noticeable than the left.

Step 3. Give her face a bit of shape by adding a chin and cheek bones.

1 2 3

Step 4. Draw an oval guideline where her nose would be and draw a curve underneath for her lip.

Step 5. Draw her nose.

Step 6. Draw her lips.

4 5 6

Step 7. Draw her eyelashes – 3 on the outside of each eye – and draw her pupil, add a shine to her eye.

Step 8. Draw two thin eyebrows above Tinkerbelle’s eyes.

Step 9. Draw her fringe, coming down to between her eyebrows. Also rub out the guidelines.

7 8 9

Step 10. Draw her ears, make them a curved shape and give them a point at the top.

Step 11. Draw her body, it looks harder than it is but use a lot of curves. If you need to use guidelines to help you sketch her body, that is perfectly fine.

Step 12. Draw the bottom of her wing.

10 11 12

Step 13. Draw a few stray hairs from her hair. Draw her bun on top and draw her wings.

Step 14. Continue drawing her wings by adding curves coming out of her shoulders.

Step 15. Finish her wings and rub out any other guidelines.

13 14 15

If you want to, you can colour in, shade or paint your drawing.


I hope this tutorial on how to draw Tinkerbelle from Peter Pan helped turned out the way you want. If you like this, stay tuned to find out how to draw Ariel from The Little Mermaid.