D Robinson and Son painter and decorators can help you redecorate you home and give it a facelift. D. Robinson and son are Irelands only painters who use the Ilumitex system.

Usually used in commercial or industrial settings the Ilumitex system is a dry flake spray systems which offer you a durable multicolour paint effects. Here the Ilumitex system has been used in a bathroom to give the room something special.

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Ilumitex system is seamless with is no shrinkage, ‘scuffing’ or opening of joints, as can happen with jointed wall coverings. It is also economical with a life expectancy of 2-3 times conventional paint systems, savings in redecoration programs can be easily made.


The Ilumitex system is perfect for use in many different types of building from schools to hospitals, commercial garages to hotels. If you are interested in finding out more about Ilumitex then call David Robinson and Son on 07713565104 and visit the D Robinson and Son website for more information.