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Engagement rings through the ages – Ballymena Today

Ballymena Today recently came across this beautiful video depicting how engagements rings throughout the ages. We love jewellery and in Ballymena it seems like a day rarely goes by without someone announcing that they have got engaged. Engagement rings are very traditional but still seem to be on trend.

Engagement rings through the ages – Ballymena Today

Local Jewellers, like Robert Adair Jewellers on Mill Street, do an excellent job of stocking on trend shapes, and styles alongside beautiful classic cuts.

Engagement rings through the ages from Glam inc.

Well what was your favourite? We love seeing how the fashion changed as the years progressed.

From this video we can see that all the rings have one thing in common – diamonds. If you are considering buying your diamond and setting separately then you can click here to view a diamond quality guide which will help you to make your choice. Share this video with anyone you know who loves jewellery.