Ballymena Tyres on Warden Street Ballymena were shock by statistics shared on Tyresafe, a not-for-profit road safety organisation. Tyresafe state that more than 30% of cars dropping off children at one Shropshire primary school were fitted with illegal tyres. Read more here at Tread magazine. (Image above: Scott Robinson; Creative Commons).

Photo credit: Steve Garner; Creative Comons

Photo credit: Steve Garner; Creative Commons

September brings a lot more cars back on the road at school time and many cars returning from holidays or a few months in the garage should get a check over before you hit the road. The school run is particularly hard on tyres if it involves because they can be hitting kerbs.

Here are the vital tyre check you can carry out;

Check your tyre pressure – inflate them to the manufacturer’s recommended settings which you can find in your user manual.

Check your tread depth – ensure they exceed 1.6mm, the UK’s minimum legal tread depth.

Check the general condition of your tyres – run you hand over your tyres and check for bumps, cuts or any foreign objects which need to be remove.

It is also a good idea to check you spare tyre or tyre repair kit to make sure that you are ready for any emergencies. Ballymena Tyres can help you to carry out any of these checks. If you require a new set of tyres or a spare Ballymena tyres can help you choose the right tyre for your car and budget and fit them professionally. If you have any questions about tyres cal Ballymena Tyres on 028 256512518.