The Internet is saturated with content from every conceivable source.

Ballymena Today loves good online content and, we get especially excited when you send us interesting and unique information. Current trends suggest that more time spent invested in creating and generating good online content yields better engagement with your audience. This in turn, builds real community.



Specific content that relates directly to you and your business works best and captivates readers. Well written, focussed and structured content that highlights your message is key to your success.

Visual Content

We don’t think this is fully understood by the majority of small businesses just yet. Internet users in general have become more visual orientated and your business/brand can tell a story far more effectively with a visual emphasis.


Think local first

Because the Internet is global we often see our audience as global and therefore much larger. Think local first. Ballymena Today loves good online content that thinks local first. Mobile technology makes connecting locally easier than ever before… Twitter helps you to connect with a local audience and to tell your story, share offers and receive valuable feedback. It’s free, there’s no excuse to not build real community locally on social media. It may take time and patience but you need to get started.


Good online content needs to be original which can be challenging but one of the solutions is to collaborate with others. Copying the online content of others is easy but it’s theft, plain and simple. Be better than that, talk to us about how we can blog for you. Talk to businesses around you, collaborate, share, follow, re-tweet, Like… Ballymena is not big enough for you or for us to be an island.

Ballymena Today loves good online content and believes it is good for business development.